Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm. Weekends by appointment only.

For home visits, please email me with the treatment you want, access information and your full post code and I will send you a quote which is to be added to the treatment price.

You can pick a treatment to suit, or we can discuss your issues and agree a treatment plan from the following;

Available for men, women and children:

Natural face-lift massage.

An hour of facial rejuvenation including massage techniques, acupressure points to face and scalp, hot flannels and natural products, all or many of which are organic.

This facial massage targets dry, rough skin, fine lines, first signs of ageing, reduces redness and stimulates up to 27 acupressure points which work on many conditions of the head, ears, eyes and nose to boost your health. Several points work on drooping of the upper eyelids and swollen and puffy eyes.

You remain clothed.

Reiki healing

An hour of gentle energy treatment for the whole mind, body and spirit. This treatment brings you back to balance.

Are you in pain, feeling heavy, lacking in energy, stressed or anxious, distracted or unable to focus your mind or settle your body? Perhaps you are recovering from an operation or illness? Reiki is wonderful to promote healing and remind your mind and body how to be well again. It can also reduce or remove pain, relieve stress and quieten a busy mind.

Choose to have your reiki face-to-face or at a distance.

Reiki works exceptionally well at a distance; meaning you do not need to be in the same room, town or country to receive an effective treatment. Anyone, anywhere can access a treatment.

You remain clothed.

Head massage

Choose 30 or 45 minutes, with or without oil, seated or lying down. Your time includes up to 27 acupressure points boosting health and reducing tension.

Head massage tackles tension, stress and headaches. The acupressure points work on many conditions of the head, eyes, ears and nose e.g. insomnia, stuffy nose, tinnitus, vertigo, nose bleeds, toothache, earache, stiff neck and many more. 

You remain clothed.

Teen facial

Choose 30, 45 or 60 minutes.
Your 30-minute option includes a cleanse, exfoliation and a moisturising massage.

Your 45-minute option, add a mask and/or acupressure points.

Your 60-minute option add 2 masks and/or acupressure points.

Teen facials address the issues of combination skin. There is a choice of masks: to replenish and moisturise or to detoxify and clarify.  Acupressure points work on many conditions of the head, eyes, ears and nose e.g. insomnia, stuffy nose, eye pain, swelling of the eyes, tinnitus, vertigo, nose bleeds, toothache, earache, stiff neck and many more. 

Parental or guardian consent required for under 18s.

Parental or guardian supervision required for under 16s.

You remain clothed.

Warm paraffin-wax treatment (not hair removal)

30 minutes for sports injuries.

45 minutes for hands OR feet.

90 minutes for hands AND feet. 

Your treatment includes a gentle cleanse/exfoliation application of warm wax and finishes with a gentle massage.

The heat from the wax penetrates deeply to increase circulation, healing, warmth and relaxation. Choose this for arthritis of the hands or feet, Reynaud’s disease, tennis elbow, sports injuries and for all conditions where you want to reduce joint pain or stiffness, increases mobility and to relax overworked muscles.
Did you know that before anti-inflammatory drugs became widely available this wax treatment was the main NHS treatment for arthritis, especially arthritic hands and feet?
This treatment smoothes rough skin and deeply moisturises your hands and feet making it a great treatment to have before a manicure or pedicure.

For ladies only:

Aromatherapy massage

Choose 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes. Your body massage includes a tailored blend of aromatherapy essential oils to address your specific needs, mixed in a base oil. Essential oils have powerful actions through our sense of smell to promote our physical and mental health. Different essential oils have many individual actions; however most fit into the broad groups of being relaxing, energising, balancing or cleansing.

Choose aromatherapy to combine the physical action of massage with the benefits of essential oils to address a huge number of mental and physical issues including stiff, tense or tired muscles, pain, mental stress, exhaustion, overstimulation, insomnia, anxiety, poor concentration, problems of the digestive or respiratory systems, itchy, red or irritated skin, feeling low, low self-esteem and poor energy levels.

Body massage

Choose 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes.

Your body massage will use plain, un-fragranced oil, usually a blend of nut and seed oils.

Choose body massage for direct work on muscles. Massages can include relaxing and/or energising techniques so choose what you need on the day. 

Hawaiian Huna massage

Choose 45 minutes (back of the body) or 90 minutes (full body).

This is a gentle and rhythmic massage using long flowing strokes infused with the spiritual wisdom of the ancient Kahunas to soothe mind and body. 

Choose this massage to experience a very gentle, spiritual massage where you can completely let go.

3 hour pamper parties

Choose 3 x 45-minute, 6 x 25-minute or 9 x 15-minute treatments.

Choose your treatments of reiki, face-lift massage, teen facial massage, head massage, body massage or Hawaiian huna massage*.

*Hawaiian massages are only available as 45-minute treatments